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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Sollte ich behalte meine Gefuhle fur dich in meinem herzen?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hier sitze ich hier wie ein Ganschen warten efuttert, wahrend der Bauer geht an ein Nickerchan zu machen sein.


I have something to say to all readers of my blog.

I have learnt to let go...

I have not mastered the skill to fully let go, but im trying to and i think i just had, ^^.

(Hello? Ijust talked to him on msn and told him to go for it!! For the new girl he likes^^)

Ohoh, and also, i want to go to Germany, Niedersachsen.

Hey du, schau hier.

Ich versuche, dich besser und weiB, du bist hier, sagen mir nicht deine Vergangenheit, eine, die sie wurde jeden, der es wissen will tell...

Vielleicht bin ich immer fur Sie kein Grund, aufgeregt, aber ich bin trotzdem immer noch wutend.


To Anne dearest, she only knows him as MY German fish. LOL.XD
To Lizzy, she most probably thinks that he is in the same catergory as Nickolas.
To Van, she knows him as Rene.
To Ln, she probably knows the most.
To Wq, she doesnt know much because she is my BFF and her opinions ARE the MOST IMPORTANT!!!

To me, he is a wonderful guy^^ My German baby^^ XD.;P

Are your feelings for me genuine?[ENGLISH VERSION]

To my german baby,

I know that i do not have the right to ask you this question because even im not sure about how i feel about you.

But one thing im positive about is that i thank god that i have you in my life.

I like you, even probably love you too.

-Honey Pearline

Sind deine Gefuhle fur mich echt? [GERMAN VERSION]

um mein Deutsch zu Baby,

Ich weiB, dass ich nicht die Rechte an Sie bitten, diese Frage, weil auch ich bin nicht sicher, wir ich fur dich empfinde.

Aber eins bin ich positiv ist, dass ich Gott danken, dass ich dich in meinnem Leben.

Ich mag dich, sogar wahrscheinlich liebe dich auch.

-Honig Pearline

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ich Liebe Dich Rene...

Its a battle between three males today.
It is a battle between WD, Chase Mertz and Rene.
A confusing battle,
a losing battle?,
or a winning one?

Life IS confusing, it has always been for me anyways...