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Friday, January 2, 2009

December 2008 Holidays 1st wk-2nd wk(Hong Kong Trip)

In my trip with my family to Hong Kong,we went to many places Klowloon,Mongkok,Macau and Hong Kong Disneyland are the MUST places to visit on our trip there.Actually a few days after my trip in Hong Kong,my family and i went to Malaysia and bought many clothes and sacks for Chinese New Year Celebrations.It is a MUST-NOT miss!!:)

Crush Version 2

Doesnt he look HOT~~
His name is Crush.Nice looking eh???

Crazy Mania

This are just some random pictures LOL...
This is the Chaos Head picture when they are either in their bikins or boxers or undies LOL

6.19pm(part 2)

Well this the part 2 of the pictures from Chaos Head.It rocks!!YAY~~


Nice pictures right???Well it belongs to the lastest anime i have been watching in December 2008 LOL CHAOS HEAD ROCKS!!wATCH IT AND EXPERIENCE THE FEELING~~~yay!!

6.10pm(First day of school)

Hello~~~*sighs* First day of school has finally arrived...LOL...i know...and it is finally 2009!!!!YAY!!!I know...LOL...well,im happy cause my friends are all in the same class with me...LOL..i know...AND im finally 15 soon and in Sec 3...LOL LOL....