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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mua is a Jolly Good Mood Now...

Hello Everyone!!! It hasn't been long since i last blogged. Well, let get on with the latest news.
1)Went back to school today & had a half-day orientation. Ended at roughly 11.30am+.
2)Kept thinking of him in school...Cause he stays real near my school!!!
3)Called his house almost immediately after school, to ask him to come down.
4)Nervous like shit when i first saw him today, lol. Butterflies in my tummy for real!!! Cause i sorta had a tummyache...
5)Finally met him, moved around blk 81, instead of sitting down, he wanted to stand,lol.
6)He was moving alot, as in like, hands move thn lean against railing, thn nvr lean.
7)Had an old uncle who scared the shit out of the both of us...LOL.
What happened:
-Uncle;'Hey!( both of us look er, shocked...) Where is blk 83 arh??(lol)'
-Him;'er,...(looks at me cause he thought that was my dad, lol & that was when i thought that uncle was HIS da,lol), over there(points the direction)'
-Me;'blk 83 should be there...(points too,lol)'
-Him;'i thought that was your father(lol)'
-Me; ' i thought that was YOUR dad (lol)'
8)He walked me to my busstop, & that is sooooo SWEET^^. Hahas.

Well, i got to go now. Still love him!! Bye bye^^.LOL.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hey, i'm a litte depressed...

Yo people...
Hais, today cant go thn nvr tell me earlier...Crapnuts la...
Hias, damn sian...Bored to death man, Dont know wat to tell my parents...
Say that call dad le will sms me, nvr lo...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Buying books Day!!!

Went back to Stc today with sister. Had to wake up at 7am plus, cause we had to reach there at about 8.30am. Then, when we got there, we had to also wait for a few mins to sign in for the resgistration or something la. Hais, i miss him much >.<...

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm so sorry everybody!!! I totally forgot about my blog!!!!>.<
Anw, with the latest updates...
1) 17 Dec 2009
--I had a sleepover at my cousin's hse. It was an exciting day for me^^

2)18 Dec 2009
--Went out shopping with cousin, went to some fu lu show area(idk) to sign up for tuition. Guess wat? there is only 2 ppl in the tuition( someone else & me)

--I have a BF!HOHOHO^^

4)19 Dec 2009
--Went out with relatives

5)20 Dec 2009
--My bf's mom finds out about us and disapproves! Wat now????
--Went out with parents with only him in my mind >.<

Thursday, October 15, 2009


HELLOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mua hahahahahahaha, ok. Firstly, i just finished my exams!!! monday & Tuesday & Friday got no sch yoooo!!!!! WHOOTS!!!!!!! ^^
I LOVE MUSIC~ cam with carlos last night, when ever i not on cam(with him), i feellike my face was stiff cause i kept looking happy yo. ANW, Jon wanted to go out with my yos!!!! God, *shakes head*.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Prank Time!

Hahas. LN & I planned to play with YF at the same time. For an example; YF, i have something to tell you...I(the current writer now) like you alot...(wait for his reply)...as a friend...hahas. OMG, so cute!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weeks Has Passed In A Blink Of My Eye...

Woa, Its fast ppl. Yesterday was still like 30 August 2009. Now, its already 16 September 2009. Has English Oral Today, panic level went to level 6 man. But in the end ok-ok la. Hais. Teacher took my cards though, she wanted to write down some stuff. LOL. XD. Extreme bored now. Still kinda disgusted about what WQ told me today man. GROSS.


I read this on class blog & had a shock:
"Monday, September 14, 2009

important. please read.
i know it's retarded posting this on the class blog, but idk how to tell all of you what i wna say face to face.
i'm sorry for everything, for making 3D the 'worst' class, sorry for all the troubles that i've caused, sorry for always making the class noisy until some of you cannot concentrate during lessons, and sorry for making fun of some of you, i hope all of you can forgive me for being such an irritant. and one more sorry, for making teachers bitch about our class i know you all blame me for everything, that's why i wna post here.
and also, i wna thank you all, for making this year an amazing year for me. i had fun being in 3D, although most of you are bitching about me all the time, it's ok i understand. i won't forget the friendships made, and i will miss most of you. study hard for eoy and do well k, then tchrs won't say anything anymore :) anyway, i think all of you will do well cuz i'm not there, then can concentrate during lessons. don't bitch amongst yourselves already, cuz i don't think it's worth it, we're all one class, supposed to be united and help each other, i know i've no rights to say this, cuz i'm not a very good example myself. i really regretted what i did in the past, i wna change.
sorry 3D, for being such a bitch.

INKED --blank-----2009 at 6:47 AM 0 Praises"

Friday, July 31, 2009


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! That guy is like gone!!!! Foreva!!!! Oops... Its been like 2 weeks since he msged me. Duh!!! I changed my hp no.
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG. Damn excited for Sunday!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Imma going out with frens at Changi!!!! Hahas!!!! YIPPY YAY YAY!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Texts from Matthew:

Shooed him off liao. Still msg me. Call me somemore.

:->He called

:->He called

:->He called

:->He called

:U scold me for what?

:I love u.

:U choose him liao still waste my time for what?

:I love u all along.

:Dar where are u?

:Can u stop hurting me?

:U say that i won't get hurt if i meet u but i still get hurt.

:Baby where are u?

:I am your bf or what?

:Dar have u eaten ur dinner?

:-> He called


:Can we patch?

:-> He called

:Dear are u angry with me? because i message u u never reply? i call u u never pick up? Why u ingore me?

:Dar i miss u.dun go.sorry

:Who are u?

:Can we patch?i really love u.

:Dear u eat already?

:U say that i meet u i won't get hurt but in the end i still get hurt.


OMG!!!! Seriously what is wrong with him?

Activity code for today:Lit project!

Went to meet Matthew at cityhall today. Spent 20mins walking around to find a place to eat. Apparently he was late. Met at around 4pm plus. Cause he had to go home & change. I freaked out when i saw him. OMG. He looked like a monster,seriously under depression. Well cut story short, in the end, 12 people went to see him(including me). 4 guys & 8 girls. Juli,LM,Frannie & her gf went to confront him & told him to stop pestering me. DIIDNT WORK!! Still msg me, "Can We Patch?" WTF? Still when we were together, though i was like i love all this shit to ask him out. Stupid...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday texts from Matthew

:Sweethaert i will listen to u & obey u & i will nvr doubt u foreva i will cherish u & treasure u & take care of u 7 i wont make u sad anymore pls dun go dun leave me i love u really love u to the end of the earth everything changes but nothing will make me change my love for u ok? pls give me one last chance wo zhen de ai ni

:Sweetheart are u ingoring me?

:Can we patch?

:U playing with my feelings right?

:Are u serious abt me?or just playing with my feeling? pls tell me the truth.

:Sweetheart i have something to tell u

:Sweetheart why u ingore me?

-calls me-

:Sweetheart why u nvr pick up my call?

:I miss u

:Can we patch?

:Dear i miss u

:Sweetheart why u ingore me?

:Can we patch i love u. dar can i call u now?

:Dear where are u?

:U dun like me then say la no need to ingore me.
->I dont like you !!!

:Dear where are u?

-he calls me-

:why u nvr pick up my call?

:Dear why u ingore me?

-he calls me-

:Can we patch? baby i love u dun want to lose u.

:i love u
->stop saying stuff like tat, i already have a bf.

:Dear where are u?
->i todld you already right? Stop msging me, i already have a boyfrend.

:Then what i do wrong?

:U say u wont cheat me of my feeling but u lie to me u like other guy
->i told u tat i dont deserve your trust.I have 30 over online boyfrens ok? Told you liao, you dont want to listen.

:Dun worry i will trust u forever.

Now-6.52pm, currently nothing. So thick skin la he.


During E.hist class on Monday, some random guy called Matthew msg me.he said that he got my hp no. from some Samuel guy. I only knew one Samuel guy & is very sure that he would anyhow give my hp no. to ppl. Then i remembered that Ciara knew a guy call samuel. This Matthew guy suddenly asked me to be his gf. WTF? I thought that it was a prank then play with him lo. but this guy is quite persistant la. From 1pm plus to 11pm. Wa liao la, i so tired liao alway say wat love you this & that.

The on Tuesday, the same thing happened. this time i more or less knew wat kind of person he is la. Then liz answered my call when he called after school.She tried to be whiney asking him to stop calling "me" dar, very ah beng, now call Honey. Then he call honey liao then after a while she change again, switch to sweetheart. All of us wanted to puke when he called "me" that. EWW. Then Liz changed again:" You say Matthew love pearline then i talk to you."

Matthew: "Matthew love who?"

Liz"me": "Who? Who am I? What is my name?"


Matthew:" Your name is pearline. P.E.A.R.L.I.N.E."

-All of us sticks out tongue-

Matthew:" Matthew love Pearline forever~"

-Does actions of puking"EWWW!!! GROSS!!!"

Then after a while, Liz put down the hp. Later in the afternoo, liz told me to "break" with him. I did. He didnt let me go. At night we conference,Liz the first 2 times then me, he threaten to cut himself,to use lighter to burn himself, to jump off building. BTW, he smokes.

Today,Wednesday, third day liao. I ignopred him for the whole day until around 4plus. Cause WQ fren, WD told me to tell him that i was already attached. Until now, its not worknig, craps. it already 6.30pm. OH MAN!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


AYG 2009 rock my world!!! OMG. It is a totally worth it experience where you can never find anywhere.

I was an usher, heavy duyt & everything cause i was standing in between entrance & center court. I stood near toilet & workforce area somemore, can also watch the match. My fengshui very good xia. SOOOO exhausted man. Im three to four colour tone on my whole body lor.

Although this experience involved hardwork, many efforts & my energy. AYG 2009 is successful to me. :). i took photos but they are in my hp. I saved some photos form facebook of other users.

I left Sentosa & went to Woodlands...

Ciara told me on wednesday that she was going to meet CHH. I was warning her that she should be a fren along, going alone to meet a guy is dangerous, seriously. & then she told me to go along with her, well i was fine with it haven met him b4 ma. So on friday( i think,i forgot), i left Sentosa in a hurry without eating my lunch to go to Woodlands. I was late, 30 mins. OMG. I was sooo dead. We met at centre point, Ciara was already inside waiting for me. I went to change( she followed me), in the toilet on the fourth level.

Apparently, CHH brought PA along. Dammit. So when i was changing, Ciara was texting CHH abt his whereabouts. He was also in the toilet, we freaked out... We started to roam around. Then, CHH said that he was in the arcade. Great, Ciara couldnt get in, she was in uniform. She told me to find them, I did.

I described all the guys i met & she told me i found them. I felt horrified cause they saw me too. But looks like they didnt know it was me. & then i kept going in & out to check on them, kept calling them too. Then i got really mad, as in really angry(first time in my life), i walked towards them & stood behind them. They finished their driving game & was about to start another. Tat was when i lost control. I shouted: " STILL WANT TO PLAY AH??!!"

Both of them turned to look at me, PA jumped, then i lost control again, was abt to laugh. Haha. Then i ran out & told Ciara. She told me to get them out, I went back in again, stared at them like i was their mother waiting impatiently(which i was) for them to get off their "gaming session".

Then they finished another game & came out. Both Ciara & I were freaking out again. CHH was carrying this extremely big bag(looked nice:)). PA called out Ciara's name & CHH smiled( if i didnt know who he was, i would have thought that he was a very innocent boy, which he is not). We went all the way down(were at level four ma). They bought drinks & then said that they had to leave. You cannot imagine how flared up i was inside.

We played a little of catching & everything & went back home in the end. Dead hungry & exhausted man. >.<

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Went out with WQ today. Was suppose to go out with Liz & LN too. But then LN say her face something wrong, then Liz say need to pick up her mom. In the end, WQ went out with me. It was actually quite fun. Haha. She even told me what bus to take. Nice:). LOL.XD.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Had a convo with ciara & CHH. They kept putting songs on to the phone.My ear was going deaf, hoping that it would end. Then, suddenly PA appeared. He said horrible things. I know, im not perfect. He said Ciara told him things. Sad. they used to be tgether somemore. Disappointment. This is the first time i was sooo disappointed by a guy. Let 2 ladies wait for him, speak sooo many bad words. I thought he was nice, but then i found out. This happens when PA appears.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ciara & I

We kept camwhoring, siao lor.


Learnt a new qoute that works in rl. Dont say it, its cursed.


OMG.The night at my grandma's awesome!!!! Ciara & I were secretly smsing her frens,CHH. Cute xia, we were like faking to be asleep so many times & we even called him(with MY hp). Then we decided to meet on Sunday afternoon, about 12.30pm. He say maybe, then Ciara & I slept at 3am plus. Woke up at 8plus. Snowy was walking around, her paws waking us up. Ciara & I decided to stay at home so that meeting CHH will be successful. In the morning, auntie put eyeliner for Ciara & I(look like bad girls lor). But then mom & auntie urged us to go shopping, to reduce their thinking that we acted funny that morning, we went. To Chinatown, bought soap, shampoo, etc.

Then time was tinking by, we were gonna be late for the meeting(changed it to 3pm). Went back to grandma house with stuff in our hands,only Felicia,Ciara & I. Mom & aunt continued walking. We were late, for only 10 mins, found out that he wasnt there yet. Long story short, we didnt meet him in the end. Waited for fu*king 2 hours!!! Girls waiting for Guys leh!!!

Then Ciara called CHH, but then she said she heard "that idiot"'s voice instead of CHH. Then we paniced, left City Hall & went to library. We hid there for like 20mins. Then went to popular, Ciara called him & was really pissed off. (scary). Then we went back to Grandma's house for dinner. Thn\en last min decisions & I left for ciara's house.

Slept at around 1am plus.We talked to him again la. We woke up at about 8am thinking at her mom wont be around. But then she was already back,(SHIT!). Then we had to do HW, after that we went to KFC to eat. Then we went back, her mom said that we could stop doing HW. Then we went to rest & had a convo with Ciara & CHH. Both of them were talking(they knew each other longer than me knowing him). Ciara kept asking me to talk,( Ima all girls sch, awkward leh).

Then we went to play basketball, cool lor. Jack kept showing off, lol. Play ABC(for basketball). At first I was the first & Ciarawas last but then luck changed, I ended up last & she was second. Then we went back to ciara's house. Changed & sent Jack for panio lesson. After that we ate dinner, sent him for tuition. The rest went back & (BTW we faked tummyache), delayed time, hoping to let me stay for another night. Didnt work though, sucked. In the end, I went home at around 8.30 plus. We convo again, CHH, Ciara & I.

CHH & I smsed on my way back, i was swearing alot & he was telling me to relax. I managed to go back home safe & sound. I slept at around 12am plus, after he convinced me to slp.(i was infact very exhuasted).

Conclusion:I have a very strong bond with Ciara now, ima support her always!!! XD

Friday, June 19, 2009


Did you hear???? I'm going to stay overnight at grangma's house with Ciara, Sir Jack, their mom, my sister & I.OMG. Ima sooooo excited.Then mom say Yu En dad wanna swim today, haha, but i dont wanna. My mom say she & I can ride Bicycle while they swim.OMG. Ima happy xia. Love my new HP tooo. Gonna go out with WQ ,LN,Liz on 25th. Excited. Talking to brett now. Ima busy lady. Chaos!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

H1N1 Alert4!!!

17 in a day on Thursday,18.6.09. Hai its like already 66 in s'pore...


My keyboard broke down, had to buy a new one. Bought a new hp too,LG KU990R. Bought a new romance book too,Devil in Winter By: Lisa Kleypas.
http://www.lisakleypas.com/inprint07/devilinwinter.asp (totally awesome!!)
-Went out with PBL project group, disccussed for like less then 1 hour...Then Liz & i went out to orchard & had fun!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

H1N1 alert!

Increased to 40 today!!!!><><><><

Thursday, June 11, 2009


All pictures have me(like totally serious). There were like 2 pictures me glowing. Well, im a Gift from God aint I right??XD.

At an outing at Changi Airport Terminal Three...

Yupp...You heard right, LN,Liz & I went out(when is it again??) to study at Changi Airport Terminal Three. You might think we were crazy (i had no idea what they were thinking), FYI, It was real quiet. God, you can really study there. But my mom says no more going out so far just to study...>.< I dont care. If i wanna go, i shall go!!! But then Dad forbids me too. So, cant go too far anymore. In the end, well Liz did her maths Hw, LN typed out her bio notes with my notes (very useful) & I just gave LN notes.:):):)

Conclusion:We didnt really study...LOLS.XD

Had A Glance Through...

I had a glance through all my past blog posts. Realized that im really hyper.(Self-Praise.LOL.XD)
I took afew recent pictures & really wanna upload them but the damn wire seems to be missing (on purpose?). Craps. Grapes said that she wanted to conference with Apple. I checked with her, she said that she thinks its tiring to(its only talking.lol). I sent a msg to Grapes this morning, hope she received it safe & sound. Its a mission, and our parents must never know. God, this is amusing.They will kill us if they found out that I am still talking to guys...


I just had a look through YF's blog.Well, he didnt mention any of our names(good,i think). Still depressed about the thing though(me,duh!!).

Conclusion:Depression Sucks!!

H1N1 Alert 3

I just got information that the cases has risen to 3 more.God,when will it stop...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

H1N1 Alert2

H1N1 has incresed its numbers to 18 cases in Singapore. This sucks!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I screwed up the first meeting we had with YF. OMG. I was in deep shit. I was 30mins late, and didnt tell him about Liz attending. He was waiting for me,at B1 plaza sing,macdonalds, standing against the wall. He was wearing a white polo-shirt, white bermudes, white plastic bag (which looked like a ball) and had a sling bag on his shoulder. God, he looked exhuasted from the solar car compeition which he had earlier in the morining at Singapore Poly. I didnt even apologise for being late, and well, lied to him about bring only one friend, LN. I intro them to him & all of us set off for lunch at 2.32pm. Liz & LN walked in the front followed by him then me. "I thought you say friend, not friends.", after hearing that from him i felt bloody sick for lying to him. At that moment, i just wanted to go home & cry. I was so depressed that i ate little for lunch & was bloody quiet for the entire day, I even ate little for dinner & cried when i reached home.

Liz ordered salad & some seafood rings(cant remember name) & devided the cost quite equally for all of us. I told them i dont eat salad/veg. YF even urged me to eat, that was really nice of him. Truelly.:) But i felt sick, i couldnt eat. Then i saw his wound on his right elbow,it was done by some gluegun or something. We chat about movies and such. Liz was being real helpful on keeping the conversation going.

Then we left for Carrefour cause Liz wanted to buy soap & shampoo. We went to the toilets before that(i changed my shoes,there were hurting).

We left from plaza sing to paragon. God,it was hot & i was wearing double layered. FYI,he was perspiring real fast(gave him a half-filled tissue pack). Went to starbucks,sat down & talked somemore. Liz decided to change emails with him, he was happy to. At 6pm plus,YF got up & said that he had to leave(probably past cerfew). We went to the toilets. He was the first to be waiting for us(real nice),followed by me. He asked me how my holidays were. I told him i had to stay at home most of the time. He said i was lucky cause his was mostly spent in school. He told me that i was real quiet today & i just looked away without replying. Liz & LN came out together claiming that they were shouting my name for me in the toilet. Everyone laughed when they said that. We left to the MRT at Tangs. Before that we went past Prada,I stood the furthest risking the fact that my uncle might be working today. We had to take different lanes and went home on our seperate ways.

Conclusion: I screwed up the meeting & it sucks.

Thursday, May 28, 2009




Was being real weird xia,haha.

H1N1 Alert!!

OH MY GOD!!H1N1'S HERE!!!NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wat the Fwah!!Oh feak,my june holiday plans,might have to be cancelled...no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Took many pictures :) Family photos:

The T-shirt

I think its a waste of money to buy something this ex.>.<


Oh God!! So freaking ex!!!!$10.50 for this T-shirt!!! WTF???? NOOOO!!!!!!!!!! My MONEYS' running away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>.<


Evening people,Mikoto here >.<>.<>

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Romeo darling didnt come to school today,monday & tuesday too. >.< miss her super much xia. Going out with Li Ning , darling during the june holidays. EXCITED!! Exams are coming & im like thinking of going out with my friends during the june holidays.LOL.XD

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, Romeo came to school today, turns out she injured her foot.>__< ,sad. I have tuition at 4.30pm and shes coming soon.XD.Bored to DEath...See ya:P:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

EFL experience

WEll, well ,well. I'm proud to annouce to the whole world that i got 3 leech bites and yupp it beat my old record of 1 leech bite.:):P LOL XD.Love the song im listening to now :),Fergie-London Bridge.LOL.Hand aching right now:). Had prank fun during EFL,i was the second victim of the prank but lucky i woke up & the prank for me ended.:) Visited the plantations there, Cocoa, Rubber, Oil Plam, and i dont know the rest. Gotta go now,promised my sister that i have to check on something about leeches.LOLXD.Have fun~~


Its the first day of the reopening of school...and its so freaking boring LOL XD oh gosh im talking to myself again>__<. Dad finally fixed the computer,hopefully i get to go online as much as possible but of course i have to get ready for my 'O' levels next year.:) I got back with Sora after about the EFL thingy,had a fight with her because of stupid Kelda. Still hate her as much as ever~ Sora then apologised to Mel and yupp we all got back together again:). Had recess togerther after 3 weeks of fighting & arguing.Hate it when dad stares at me when i use the com but if its safety reasons i suppose its ok>_<. But still plzzz... Got to sleep early tonight,have tuition tomorrow in the afternoon and am going home early tomorrow.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Talking to guys=fun.LOL.SOCL.Their reactions are different then gals.lol.The reaction's cute xia.By the way,wat does xia mean??LOL.I dont even know wat its means and is using it.My Canada friend asked me wat it meant when i said xia in front of him.LOL.Dad and mom are suspecting that i have a boy-friend outside.Seriously,wat the fuck?If i dont talk to guys they rather i be les??I liked a girl in primary and was an idiot to tell her AND THE WHOLE CLASS KNEW ABOUT IT.LOL.Gotta go,talking to my frens on msn.:)Chaos people~~


Evening everyone,lol.Im talking to guys...YAY~lol.oh god im talking to myself again n again...And i just saw my friend's school on the web...Its Fu*king huge!!!!!!NO~~~~~~lol.im crazy nya~~

Friday, February 20, 2009


Im so happy today!!!!!! Sora,Cow,Romeo and Mecbeth went out with me today!!!!YAY!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

December 2008 Holidays 1st wk-2nd wk(Hong Kong Trip)

In my trip with my family to Hong Kong,we went to many places Klowloon,Mongkok,Macau and Hong Kong Disneyland are the MUST places to visit on our trip there.Actually a few days after my trip in Hong Kong,my family and i went to Malaysia and bought many clothes and sacks for Chinese New Year Celebrations.It is a MUST-NOT miss!!:)

Crush Version 2

Doesnt he look HOT~~
His name is Crush.Nice looking eh???

Crazy Mania

This are just some random pictures LOL...
This is the Chaos Head picture when they are either in their bikins or boxers or undies LOL

6.19pm(part 2)

Well this the part 2 of the pictures from Chaos Head.It rocks!!YAY~~


Nice pictures right???Well it belongs to the lastest anime i have been watching in December 2008 LOL CHAOS HEAD ROCKS!!wATCH IT AND EXPERIENCE THE FEELING~~~yay!!

6.10pm(First day of school)

Hello~~~*sighs* First day of school has finally arrived...LOL...i know...and it is finally 2009!!!!YAY!!!I know...LOL...well,im happy cause my friends are all in the same class with me...LOL..i know...AND im finally 15 soon and in Sec 3...LOL LOL....