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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, Romeo came to school today, turns out she injured her foot.>__< ,sad. I have tuition at 4.30pm and shes coming soon.XD.Bored to DEath...See ya:P:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

EFL experience

WEll, well ,well. I'm proud to annouce to the whole world that i got 3 leech bites and yupp it beat my old record of 1 leech bite.:):P LOL XD.Love the song im listening to now :),Fergie-London Bridge.LOL.Hand aching right now:). Had prank fun during EFL,i was the second victim of the prank but lucky i woke up & the prank for me ended.:) Visited the plantations there, Cocoa, Rubber, Oil Plam, and i dont know the rest. Gotta go now,promised my sister that i have to check on something about leeches.LOLXD.Have fun~~


Its the first day of the reopening of school...and its so freaking boring LOL XD oh gosh im talking to myself again>__<. Dad finally fixed the computer,hopefully i get to go online as much as possible but of course i have to get ready for my 'O' levels next year.:) I got back with Sora after about the EFL thingy,had a fight with her because of stupid Kelda. Still hate her as much as ever~ Sora then apologised to Mel and yupp we all got back together again:). Had recess togerther after 3 weeks of fighting & arguing.Hate it when dad stares at me when i use the com but if its safety reasons i suppose its ok>_<. But still plzzz... Got to sleep early tonight,have tuition tomorrow in the afternoon and am going home early tomorrow.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Talking to guys=fun.LOL.SOCL.Their reactions are different then gals.lol.The reaction's cute xia.By the way,wat does xia mean??LOL.I dont even know wat its means and is using it.My Canada friend asked me wat it meant when i said xia in front of him.LOL.Dad and mom are suspecting that i have a boy-friend outside.Seriously,wat the fuck?If i dont talk to guys they rather i be les??I liked a girl in primary and was an idiot to tell her AND THE WHOLE CLASS KNEW ABOUT IT.LOL.Gotta go,talking to my frens on msn.:)Chaos people~~


Evening everyone,lol.Im talking to guys...YAY~lol.oh god im talking to myself again n again...And i just saw my friend's school on the web...Its Fu*king huge!!!!!!NO~~~~~~lol.im crazy nya~~