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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Went out with WQ today. Was suppose to go out with Liz & LN too. But then LN say her face something wrong, then Liz say need to pick up her mom. In the end, WQ went out with me. It was actually quite fun. Haha. She even told me what bus to take. Nice:). LOL.XD.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Had a convo with ciara & CHH. They kept putting songs on to the phone.My ear was going deaf, hoping that it would end. Then, suddenly PA appeared. He said horrible things. I know, im not perfect. He said Ciara told him things. Sad. they used to be tgether somemore. Disappointment. This is the first time i was sooo disappointed by a guy. Let 2 ladies wait for him, speak sooo many bad words. I thought he was nice, but then i found out. This happens when PA appears.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ciara & I

We kept camwhoring, siao lor.


Learnt a new qoute that works in rl. Dont say it, its cursed.


OMG.The night at my grandma's awesome!!!! Ciara & I were secretly smsing her frens,CHH. Cute xia, we were like faking to be asleep so many times & we even called him(with MY hp). Then we decided to meet on Sunday afternoon, about 12.30pm. He say maybe, then Ciara & I slept at 3am plus. Woke up at 8plus. Snowy was walking around, her paws waking us up. Ciara & I decided to stay at home so that meeting CHH will be successful. In the morning, auntie put eyeliner for Ciara & I(look like bad girls lor). But then mom & auntie urged us to go shopping, to reduce their thinking that we acted funny that morning, we went. To Chinatown, bought soap, shampoo, etc.

Then time was tinking by, we were gonna be late for the meeting(changed it to 3pm). Went back to grandma house with stuff in our hands,only Felicia,Ciara & I. Mom & aunt continued walking. We were late, for only 10 mins, found out that he wasnt there yet. Long story short, we didnt meet him in the end. Waited for fu*king 2 hours!!! Girls waiting for Guys leh!!!

Then Ciara called CHH, but then she said she heard "that idiot"'s voice instead of CHH. Then we paniced, left City Hall & went to library. We hid there for like 20mins. Then went to popular, Ciara called him & was really pissed off. (scary). Then we went back to Grandma's house for dinner. Thn\en last min decisions & I left for ciara's house.

Slept at around 1am plus.We talked to him again la. We woke up at about 8am thinking at her mom wont be around. But then she was already back,(SHIT!). Then we had to do HW, after that we went to KFC to eat. Then we went back, her mom said that we could stop doing HW. Then we went to rest & had a convo with Ciara & CHH. Both of them were talking(they knew each other longer than me knowing him). Ciara kept asking me to talk,( Ima all girls sch, awkward leh).

Then we went to play basketball, cool lor. Jack kept showing off, lol. Play ABC(for basketball). At first I was the first & Ciarawas last but then luck changed, I ended up last & she was second. Then we went back to ciara's house. Changed & sent Jack for panio lesson. After that we ate dinner, sent him for tuition. The rest went back & (BTW we faked tummyache), delayed time, hoping to let me stay for another night. Didnt work though, sucked. In the end, I went home at around 8.30 plus. We convo again, CHH, Ciara & I.

CHH & I smsed on my way back, i was swearing alot & he was telling me to relax. I managed to go back home safe & sound. I slept at around 12am plus, after he convinced me to slp.(i was infact very exhuasted).

Conclusion:I have a very strong bond with Ciara now, ima support her always!!! XD

Friday, June 19, 2009


Did you hear???? I'm going to stay overnight at grangma's house with Ciara, Sir Jack, their mom, my sister & I.OMG. Ima sooooo excited.Then mom say Yu En dad wanna swim today, haha, but i dont wanna. My mom say she & I can ride Bicycle while they swim.OMG. Ima happy xia. Love my new HP tooo. Gonna go out with WQ ,LN,Liz on 25th. Excited. Talking to brett now. Ima busy lady. Chaos!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

H1N1 Alert4!!!

17 in a day on Thursday,18.6.09. Hai its like already 66 in s'pore...


My keyboard broke down, had to buy a new one. Bought a new hp too,LG KU990R. Bought a new romance book too,Devil in Winter By: Lisa Kleypas.
http://www.lisakleypas.com/inprint07/devilinwinter.asp (totally awesome!!)
-Went out with PBL project group, disccussed for like less then 1 hour...Then Liz & i went out to orchard & had fun!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

H1N1 alert!

Increased to 40 today!!!!><><><><

Thursday, June 11, 2009


All pictures have me(like totally serious). There were like 2 pictures me glowing. Well, im a Gift from God aint I right??XD.

At an outing at Changi Airport Terminal Three...

Yupp...You heard right, LN,Liz & I went out(when is it again??) to study at Changi Airport Terminal Three. You might think we were crazy (i had no idea what they were thinking), FYI, It was real quiet. God, you can really study there. But my mom says no more going out so far just to study...>.< I dont care. If i wanna go, i shall go!!! But then Dad forbids me too. So, cant go too far anymore. In the end, well Liz did her maths Hw, LN typed out her bio notes with my notes (very useful) & I just gave LN notes.:):):)

Conclusion:We didnt really study...LOLS.XD

Had A Glance Through...

I had a glance through all my past blog posts. Realized that im really hyper.(Self-Praise.LOL.XD)
I took afew recent pictures & really wanna upload them but the damn wire seems to be missing (on purpose?). Craps. Grapes said that she wanted to conference with Apple. I checked with her, she said that she thinks its tiring to(its only talking.lol). I sent a msg to Grapes this morning, hope she received it safe & sound. Its a mission, and our parents must never know. God, this is amusing.They will kill us if they found out that I am still talking to guys...


I just had a look through YF's blog.Well, he didnt mention any of our names(good,i think). Still depressed about the thing though(me,duh!!).

Conclusion:Depression Sucks!!

H1N1 Alert 3

I just got information that the cases has risen to 3 more.God,when will it stop...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

H1N1 Alert2

H1N1 has incresed its numbers to 18 cases in Singapore. This sucks!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I screwed up the first meeting we had with YF. OMG. I was in deep shit. I was 30mins late, and didnt tell him about Liz attending. He was waiting for me,at B1 plaza sing,macdonalds, standing against the wall. He was wearing a white polo-shirt, white bermudes, white plastic bag (which looked like a ball) and had a sling bag on his shoulder. God, he looked exhuasted from the solar car compeition which he had earlier in the morining at Singapore Poly. I didnt even apologise for being late, and well, lied to him about bring only one friend, LN. I intro them to him & all of us set off for lunch at 2.32pm. Liz & LN walked in the front followed by him then me. "I thought you say friend, not friends.", after hearing that from him i felt bloody sick for lying to him. At that moment, i just wanted to go home & cry. I was so depressed that i ate little for lunch & was bloody quiet for the entire day, I even ate little for dinner & cried when i reached home.

Liz ordered salad & some seafood rings(cant remember name) & devided the cost quite equally for all of us. I told them i dont eat salad/veg. YF even urged me to eat, that was really nice of him. Truelly.:) But i felt sick, i couldnt eat. Then i saw his wound on his right elbow,it was done by some gluegun or something. We chat about movies and such. Liz was being real helpful on keeping the conversation going.

Then we left for Carrefour cause Liz wanted to buy soap & shampoo. We went to the toilets before that(i changed my shoes,there were hurting).

We left from plaza sing to paragon. God,it was hot & i was wearing double layered. FYI,he was perspiring real fast(gave him a half-filled tissue pack). Went to starbucks,sat down & talked somemore. Liz decided to change emails with him, he was happy to. At 6pm plus,YF got up & said that he had to leave(probably past cerfew). We went to the toilets. He was the first to be waiting for us(real nice),followed by me. He asked me how my holidays were. I told him i had to stay at home most of the time. He said i was lucky cause his was mostly spent in school. He told me that i was real quiet today & i just looked away without replying. Liz & LN came out together claiming that they were shouting my name for me in the toilet. Everyone laughed when they said that. We left to the MRT at Tangs. Before that we went past Prada,I stood the furthest risking the fact that my uncle might be working today. We had to take different lanes and went home on our seperate ways.

Conclusion: I screwed up the meeting & it sucks.