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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mua is a Jolly Good Mood Now...

Hello Everyone!!! It hasn't been long since i last blogged. Well, let get on with the latest news.
1)Went back to school today & had a half-day orientation. Ended at roughly 11.30am+.
2)Kept thinking of him in school...Cause he stays real near my school!!!
3)Called his house almost immediately after school, to ask him to come down.
4)Nervous like shit when i first saw him today, lol. Butterflies in my tummy for real!!! Cause i sorta had a tummyache...
5)Finally met him, moved around blk 81, instead of sitting down, he wanted to stand,lol.
6)He was moving alot, as in like, hands move thn lean against railing, thn nvr lean.
7)Had an old uncle who scared the shit out of the both of us...LOL.
What happened:
-Uncle;'Hey!( both of us look er, shocked...) Where is blk 83 arh??(lol)'
-Him;'er,...(looks at me cause he thought that was my dad, lol & that was when i thought that uncle was HIS da,lol), over there(points the direction)'
-Me;'blk 83 should be there...(points too,lol)'
-Him;'i thought that was your father(lol)'
-Me; ' i thought that was YOUR dad (lol)'
8)He walked me to my busstop, & that is sooooo SWEET^^. Hahas.

Well, i got to go now. Still love him!! Bye bye^^.LOL.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hey, i'm a litte depressed...

Yo people...
Hais, today cant go thn nvr tell me earlier...Crapnuts la...
Hias, damn sian...Bored to death man, Dont know wat to tell my parents...
Say that call dad le will sms me, nvr lo...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Buying books Day!!!

Went back to Stc today with sister. Had to wake up at 7am plus, cause we had to reach there at about 8.30am. Then, when we got there, we had to also wait for a few mins to sign in for the resgistration or something la. Hais, i miss him much >.<...

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm so sorry everybody!!! I totally forgot about my blog!!!!>.<
Anw, with the latest updates...
1) 17 Dec 2009
--I had a sleepover at my cousin's hse. It was an exciting day for me^^

2)18 Dec 2009
--Went out shopping with cousin, went to some fu lu show area(idk) to sign up for tuition. Guess wat? there is only 2 ppl in the tuition( someone else & me)

--I have a BF!HOHOHO^^

4)19 Dec 2009
--Went out with relatives

5)20 Dec 2009
--My bf's mom finds out about us and disapproves! Wat now????
--Went out with parents with only him in my mind >.<