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Friday, September 18, 2009

Prank Time!

Hahas. LN & I planned to play with YF at the same time. For an example; YF, i have something to tell you...I(the current writer now) like you alot...(wait for his reply)...as a friend...hahas. OMG, so cute!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weeks Has Passed In A Blink Of My Eye...

Woa, Its fast ppl. Yesterday was still like 30 August 2009. Now, its already 16 September 2009. Has English Oral Today, panic level went to level 6 man. But in the end ok-ok la. Hais. Teacher took my cards though, she wanted to write down some stuff. LOL. XD. Extreme bored now. Still kinda disgusted about what WQ told me today man. GROSS.


I read this on class blog & had a shock:
"Monday, September 14, 2009

important. please read.
i know it's retarded posting this on the class blog, but idk how to tell all of you what i wna say face to face.
i'm sorry for everything, for making 3D the 'worst' class, sorry for all the troubles that i've caused, sorry for always making the class noisy until some of you cannot concentrate during lessons, and sorry for making fun of some of you, i hope all of you can forgive me for being such an irritant. and one more sorry, for making teachers bitch about our class i know you all blame me for everything, that's why i wna post here.
and also, i wna thank you all, for making this year an amazing year for me. i had fun being in 3D, although most of you are bitching about me all the time, it's ok i understand. i won't forget the friendships made, and i will miss most of you. study hard for eoy and do well k, then tchrs won't say anything anymore :) anyway, i think all of you will do well cuz i'm not there, then can concentrate during lessons. don't bitch amongst yourselves already, cuz i don't think it's worth it, we're all one class, supposed to be united and help each other, i know i've no rights to say this, cuz i'm not a very good example myself. i really regretted what i did in the past, i wna change.
sorry 3D, for being such a bitch.

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